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Isomorph Grid Layout System (Miscellaneous)

isomorph.js is an 11kb minified zero dependency masonry format system, impressed by isotope, that has no dependencies.

The time period Masonry format in all probability owes its identify to the favored jQuery Masonry plugin that’s used to generate one of these format. Masonry format can also be known as the Pinterest Fashion Format, as www.pinterest.com was the primary main web site to make use of this format model. Masonry is a grid format primarily based on columns.

It permits a format system with equal widths that may develop to fill their container. The panels can then be sorted, grouped and/or filtered. It additionally handles lazy loading of photographs if requested.

This format is used broadly now in lots of web sites for blogs and so on.

This explicit plugin is small, quick and versatile. 11kb is the minified dimension, 5kb gzipped.

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